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Henry’s Funeral Show... Welsh Rock band ‘Henry’s Funeral Shoe are sure to be noticed at this summer’s festivals and gigs after Dragonfly Display were commissioned to print a 3m x 2m stage back drop banner to promote the band.   To further enhance the Band’s brand Dragonfly also printed the bands T’Shirts which are retailed to fans at the Band’s gigs. Printed as a transfer logo on to black cotton and polyester heavyweight T’Shirts the band are ready for stardom, it is nice to think that were were there at their rise to stardom - let it rock!
A room to inspire... With the need to have a more dedicated bespoke ‘Build & Present’ workshop for our retail commissions, we have secured the land to build a new workshop studio, where clients can come and see their projects being build and tested. This new workshop will allow clients to get ‘one on one’ with their commissions and will also provide a great place for creativity. The new workshop will also have hardware display panels of fixtures and fittings including lighting options to make the job of sourcing and designing a lot easier for our retail designers.
everything together. This was the first time we used recycled timber and although there was a lot of prep work to be done, you just could not get the same finish and antique blend from using new timber. The finished display case attracted two further commissions for the famous ‘Browns Hotel’ - we are sure Dylan would have approved!
It’s all about detail... They say the detail is important and this was true of a recent display case Dragonfly built for the Corran Hotel in Laugharne, West Wales. This premier grade hotel required a new drinks display cabinet to sit within the bar area of the hotel. Simple enough? - well that’s where the work began.   With three types of different timber already on show, it took a little sourcing to find oak panels with a similar texture and colour to blend with the more dominant floor timbers. With a little bit of creative mixing and testing of wood stains and waxes, the desired mix was obtained and applied to the golden oak sourced. The result was spot on and then it was a matter of matching the beading from an antique French glass dresser already located in the bar to bring